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Making Data Migrating easy from Old to New Project

    See how to import data from old to new application with Ready to use Data Import functionality

    It often happens that we build some application that is data sensitive and produces a large amount of data—for example, Healthcare and ERP systems.

    While approaching the product to potential users, the need often arises to transfer data from another application to your application. And if another application supports exporting data in the spreadsheet, In that case, you would like to add Data Import functionality in your app, that imports spreadsheet data.

    So you come up with a list of the following features,

    Schema Customizability

    • The schema for Data Import should be easily customizable.

    Data Review

    • There should be a way to review the data if any file contains information that is not acceptable.
    • The facility to export or download invalid data will work like a charm.

    Column Mapping

    • It’s possible that spreadsheets can have different field names than what is expected. So mapping facility between columns of schema and fields of the spreadsheet will be helpful.

    Impler Got you covered

    Impler provides a facility to manage all kinds of data import needs. With the widget, you can embed an import facility into your app, which makes it look like Import functionality is built into the product.

    Impler helps your user upload .csv or .xlsx files, mapping columns, and reviewing invalid data.

    Integrating Impler can just take a few steps that you can follow in How to Use it?