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Excel Template Generator: Automatically create excel templates without any efforts

Users are happy to use the tools they are familier with. So letting them write data in Excel and importing that file, is Aha moment for them. Without any efforts from your side! Excel Template Generator does it for you.

Excel Template Generator -

Impler’s built-in feature to generate excel file from schema makes it easy to import data faster! Apart from simple excel sample generation, Impler’s Excel Template Generator incorporate essential validations too. Such as considering select, date, required fields, and string formats in generated template. Due to this, teams no longer need to spend valuable time separately crafting template files.

Even while providing schema dynamically, Template Generation works as expected to generate excel template from the provided schema.

Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency:  

Save time and effort by eliminating the need for manual template creation, allowing teams to focus on core development tasks.

Enhanced Accuracy:

The automated generation includes validations, reducing errors and ensuring data integrity.

Key Features

Automated Template Creation:

Instantly generate Excel templates based on provided schemas.

Validation Incorporation:

Essential validations like select, date, required fields, and string formats are included in the generated templates.

Data Seeding:

Fill the data in excel file to provide users starting point in their data import journey.

Supports Dynamic Schema:

Generate Excel Template on the fly even while providing schema dynamically.

Use Cases

Onboarding New Data Sources:

Simplify the process of onboarding new data sources by automating creation of tailored Excel templates based on import schema.

Rapid Development Iterations:

Facilitate quick iterations by automating the creation of updated templates as schemas evolve.

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