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Readymade import experience for your SaaS

Streamline Data Entry, Impress Users, and Cut Development Time

Guided Import Widget -

Guided Import Widget

Seamlessly import data with our Guided Import Widget. Let user effortlessly navigate through Upload, Map, Review, and Complete phases for smooth data onboarding.

Data Seeding

Populate essential data fields in your Excel samples with Data Seeding. Simplify data input by preloading records, allowing users to build upon or modify data.

Data Seeding -
Hybrid Validation Engine -

Hybrid Validation Engine

Use readymade validations to validate data or write your own validation to validate data dynamically.

Excel Template Generator

Automatically create tailored Excel templates without any effort. Simply input your schema, and watch the import widget generate a customized Excel template.

Data Cleaning’s Data Cleaning feature guarantees error-free data import and prevents unwanted data imports.

No code config

Configure the columns and validations via dashboard with no change in installed code.

Data Destinations

Push data directly to APIs or call API directly.

Dynamic Schema

Provide import schema at runtime to import dynamic columns

Sleek UX

The simplistic widget UI makes a file upload painless and intuitive.

Custom Styles

Personalize the importer with colors that match your brand.

Error Highlighting

Errors are shown in red. Users can export data to CSV while keeping error highlighting.

Data Preloading

Data Preloading allows developers to include their data for quick and easy setup when downloading the sample.

Smart column matching

Impler performs smart checks to find the relevant columns automatically.

Event Hooks

Setup event listeners to receive alerts about widget events such as import completed.

Schema-Driven Sample Excel

Download sample Excel file with data validation based on your column schema, simplifying data entry and ensuring data quality.

Responsive Import Widget

Import data from any device with our mobile responsive import widget, which adapts to your screen size.

Custom Validation Engine

Write your own custom validation code to perform dynamic data validation, such as checking unique emails in the database or calling your own API to fetch data.

Data Security

End to end encryption for user data in transit as well as at rest.

Output Formatter

Developers have full control over how data is received through the API, allowing them to tailor the JSON chunk format to their specific needs.

Chunked File Processing

Impler intelligently divides large files into smaller, manageable chunks, ensuring that your application can handle them seamlessly without excessive load.

Framework Free Integration

You can embed the import widget into any application, regardless of the underlying technology stack or framework, ensuring global compatibility.

On-demand widget loading

Import widget is only loaded within an iframe when the user opens it, preventing any unnecessary increase in your application’s bundle size.

Server-Side Data Validation

Due to server-side data validation nature, Impler can handle any volume of data seamlessly while preventing browser hang-ups, ensuring a smooth user experience.