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Convert XLSX to JSON

Convert XLSX to JSON

  • Experience seamless conversion from XLSX to JSON without any file size limitations.
  • Using our user-friendly interface simplifies the process, you can convert any XLSX file to JSON in just a few clicks.
  • In case of multiple sheets in your XLSX file, we will bundle JSON files in zip.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and compatibility of JSON data for seamless integration with your applications or websites.


What is XLSX?

  • XLSX is extension for Excel files.
  • XLSX files are combination of XML files and are bundled into ZIP for size reduction.
  • XLSX files allows storing data in table format and it’s possible to combine multiple sheets into one XLSX file.
  • While using windows, Microsoft Excel is ideal choice to open and edit excel file. While Google Sheet also good choice to edit excel file online.

Where XLSX file is used?

  • XLSX files are used to store tabular data.
  • Like, Financial people use it to store accounting data. Teachers use it to store students, exams and attendance data.
  • XLSX files are go to solution for sharing data among professionals.
  • While exporting data from applications, it comes out as Excel.

What is JSON?

  • JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation
  • JSON files are lightweight and generally used to share data among applications.
  • JSON file data is managed in key: value format like,
    name: "john",
    surname: "doe,

Where JSON file is used?

  • Most APIs (Application Programming Interface) takes JSON as input and gives JSON as output.
  • Many softwares accepts JSON for configuration.

There is no file size limit in XLSX to JSON conversion. You just bring your Excel file and we will handle the rest.

In case of multiple sheets in your excel file, we will convert each sheet to json file and share zip of files with you.

Your data is 100% secure.

We do not store any data. All the conversion happens in your browser and your file never leaves your browser.

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