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Widening horizon with CSV Excel Import Plugin

Leverage the benefits of a readymade CSV Excel import experience in your application with bubble's no-code development platform.
Widening horizon with CSV Excel Import Plugin

The problem we seen and felt

Have you ever felt the pressure to whip up a website or app faster than a cheetah on a triple espresso? We’ve all been there. In today’s world, it’s all about lightning-fast results, and that goes double for software development. IT leaders constantly push to launch updates and prototypes ASAP, all to keep costs down and experiment like crazy scientists.

Jumping no-Code development platforms as a hero

Along with keeping the needs in mind no-code and low-code development platforms swoop in, offering a superpower combo of flexibility and speed.

The massive boom on no-code started to rise during 2020-2022, with the majority using it during a pandemic. Now the global no-code development market is expected to grow to $45.5 billion by 2027 – and who knows if it will not hit even more significant numbers in the future. –

IT leaders and entrepreneurs are using these platforms to turn their ideas into reality at lightning speed. They can test different versions, make changes in a flash, and respond to customer feedback faster than a hummingbird can change direction. is one of the great tools that allows you to build applications without writing a single line of code. We’re talking about everything from e-commerce stores to bustling online marketplaces.

Customer experience plays a role

Here’s the thing: applications need data, and users need to input it. Adding a product, a category, or some sales info might be a breeze. But what if someone needs to add hundreds or even thousands of entries? Suddenly, it becomes a data entry nightmare for both the user and the app owner. That’s where the familiar comfort of Excel comes in. It just feels easier and faster to bulk-add data that way.

Imagine the time saved and the efficiency boost you could achieve by letting users import their data directly from Excel. Less manual data entry, and a smoother customer onboarding process – that’s what sets your app apart from the crowd.

The secret weapon? The magic of CSV (comma-separated values) and Excel import. And guess what? The Impler plugin for allows you to add a CSV Excel import experience in your app in just time of making a coffee.

Here is how the plugin usage looks like:

  1. Setting up bubble application.
    1. Prepare datatype and do appropriate API settings.
  2. Create Import in Impler
    1. Create an import in Impler for which maintains list of columns which will be imported. You can map columns directly from bubble data type in just one click.
  3. Add plugin in
    1. Add CSV Excel Import Plugin in bubble application and configure it based on your need to start importing customer data.

Beyond Everything: Why CSV Excel Import is Needed

Sure, CSV import with Impler saves you a ton of time, but the benefits go way deeper than just speed. Here’s how it elevates your app experience:

  • On-Demand Error Reporting: Impler acts like your data import guard. It scans spreadsheet files for errors and flags any issues before they become problems. So you can ensure that your data is clean and accurate from the start.
  • Import Like a Boss: Forget limitations. With Impler, you can import spreadsheet with thousands of entries in a single go. No more tedious copy-pasting or endless scrolling needed.
  • User-Friendly Data Import Experience: No product can afford costly customer data onboarding. Impler’s intuitive interface makes the data import a breeze, even for non-technical users. Clear instructions and a drag-and-drop import process ensure a smooth and frustration-free data import experience in your application.

Curious? We bet you are! Here is our step-by-step guide to learning how to integrate Impler with and start importing customer data like a boss today!

Link to guide: