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Convert XLSX to CSV

Convert XLSX to CSV

Why convert XLSX to CSV?

  • Whether you’re looking into organizing your company’s sales records or handling your personal finances, you’ll often find yourself dealing with Excel spreadsheets in the XLSX file format.
  • Sometimes, you might need to convert these files into the CSV format for optimal readability.


What is XLSX?

  • XLSX stands for “Excel Open XML Spreadsheet” and is a proprietary file format used by Microsoft Excel to save spreadsheet information.
  • An XLSX file can contain multiple sheets, tables, charts, and other data formats unique to Excel.

What is CSV?

  • CSV stands for “Comma-Separated Values,” and is essentially a plain text file that uses commas to separate values.
  • Unlike an XLSX file, which can have various formatting options, a CSV file contains only raw data and is typically used for data exchange between different programs.
  • Converting an XLSX file to a CSV file makes it easier to work with raw data without worrying about formatting issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is no file size limit in XLXS to CSV conversion. You just bring your Excel file and we will handle the rest.

Your data is 100% secure.

We do not store any data. All the conversion happens in your browser and your file never leaves your browser.

In case if your excel file has multiple sheets, each sheet will be converted to CSV and zip of all CSV files will be available to download.

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