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ROI on CSV Excel Import Experience

Discover the ROI of using readymade CSV Excel Importer for SaaS. Learn how Impler reduces costs and enhances data import processes in Product.

The ROI on CSV Excel Import Experience

How thoughtful improvement on user data onboarding process can bring
profitability and satisfaction, growth of any SAAS software.

Software and Business performance are linked with each other

Data is a fuel to modern software. Performing analytics, or demonstrating software capabilities to customer data is mandatory for running various processes.

Instead of manually entering data into the system, allowing users to import data directly from a spreadsheet can be a no-brainer experience. Things like a guided import process, appropriate error messages, and the ability to import a large amount of records make users feel heard of their needs.

The following insights, sourced from diverse sources, illuminate the concrete business benefits of scalable and friendly CSV Excel import experience.

Our users have achieved..

Reduction in manual data cleanup!
Faster new customer onboarding!
Faster release of Import related modules
Annual ROI
Since we work with a lot of data that's available on Excel we frequently run into problems of data quality and preparation of that data to be imported into our digital systems. Impler comes into play here to help fix the gap of data quality and preparation. - Vidit S
Chances are building CSV Excel Import from scratch will take more time than expected.
Chances are the manually developed CSV Excel Import functionality will lack edge cases.
Chances are bugs in CSV Excel Import will lead to dissatisfaction in the user's first impression.
Chances are existing CSV Excel Import will not scale to fulfill the needs of enterprise customers importing thousands of records.
Scope for increasing user satisfaction with the product by providing data import functionality over manual entry.

Glimpse of Import Widget

How Impler looks in your app

Developers took to integrate and live CSV Excel Import functionality in the product. Saving 3 months of building from scratch.


Users love extending validation functionality to fulfill their needs. Compare to developing from scratch


Of Impler users found Impler's Import widget easy to use.

*Data is aggregated from our experience and discussion with our users. Numbers may vary based on different parameters.

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