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Looking for an open source OneSchema alternative?

CSV & Excel Import experience is at the core of any SaaS software that is working with data. It takes months of engineering efforts to build a user-friendly data import feature from scratch. As a result, readymade CSV & Excel Import functionality that you can integrate in minutes becomes a needy thing. As an open source OneSchema alternative, Impler provides you with all features and support to launch scalable and efficient data import in minutes.

Impler - Open Source alternative to Flatfile

How Impler is different from OneSchema?

OneSchema provides full fledge CSV and Excel import functionality along with customization, intelligent mapping, and exporting data facilities.

However, Import functionality integration speed and facilities are no brainer when one is looking to integrate data import in SaaS products. Where Impler shines with its intuitive widget design, data preloading, output customization, dynamic data validation, and event hooks which make Impler an attractive point who are seeking a streamlined data import experience.

Cost Breakdown

Impler OneSchema
Free Tier Access
Unlimited Templates
Import Limitations No limitations on how much you can data you can import per month
Availability of Unlimited Plan Not Specified

Feature Analysis

Impler OneSchema
Developer-Centric Features
Code-Free Studio
White Labeling Options
Private Mode Access Not Specified
Embeddable Import Widget
Event Hooks Integration
Data Handling Capabilities
Support for 100K+ Row Files Not Specified
Static Data Validations
Dynamic Data Validation
Data Preloading Capabilities
Output Customization
Integration & Support
Ease of Integration
Easy to Understand
Open Source
Community Support Join Discord:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While OneSchema provides all the basic features for Impot functionality, Teams looking for advanced functionality and priority support should choose Impler. Impler is built by keeping fast-growing development teams and products in mind, making it ideal choice for teams building the next generation of software.

Understanding Impler's structure, Creating Import, Adding Import widget only takes 15-20 minutes of developer time without any support. So you can just inform your developer to integrate Impler in your product and he will do it.

Impler provides enhanced customization options, robust data security measures, and superior scalability, empowering your business to achieve greater productivity and adaptability compared to OneSchema.

Shoot us an mail at or join our Discord community; we're ready to answer your questions.

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