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Provide Import functionality in the existing product

    See how to took of Data Import functionality in your existing CRM project by only writing few lines of code

    It often happens that you’re on the way to achieving the next milestone in your product and your product needs data from various sources. Like you build amazing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and you got to know that many functionalities deal with a huge amount of data. So you decided to add Data Import functionality.

    The most feasible way to add data to an application is to import spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are lightweight and can hold a huge amount of records inside them.


    After thinking about Data Import functionality, you come up with the following features,

    Schema on the way

    • Application launches launch new modules very often, so there should be a way to change and add new schema easily.

    Support for spreadsheet files

    • The functionality should support most common spreadsheet formats like .csv and .xlsx. The spreadsheet can contain thousands of records.

    Review Records

    • Users should be able to review their incorrect data before proceeding further. Data should be validated against the predefined schema.
    • It will be great if users can export invalid data so that they can review them.

    Storing records of file

    • Valid and Invalid (If any) should be stored in the system so that the application can use them.
    • Processing large amounts of data should not be a hurdle to the system and it should work smoothly.

    Impler Got you covered

    Impler provides a facility to manage all kinds of data import needs. With the widget, you can embed an import facility into your app, which makes it look like Import functionality is built into the product.

    Impler helps your user upload .csv or .xlsx files, mapping columns, and reviewing invalid data.

    Integrating Impler can just take a few steps that you can follow in How to Use it?