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Launching the new project

    See How you can easily onboard data while launching your new E-Commerce project

    Let’s say you’ve built a new E-Commerce marketplace with a very exciting design, that lets your user create stores for them and sell their items online.

    Store owners on your application possibly using some other application and their data will be there in the old app. So you decided to add Data Import functionality on your platform, so store owners can import the data easily and save time.


    Required Data Import functionality should have the following features,

    Predefined Schema

    • There should be facility to defined schema for what kind of data needs to be imported.
    • Schema should also be having validation properties like required, unique etc.

    Upload .csv, .xlsx files

    • App will accept .csv and .xlsx files from store owners. Files can have any amount of records.

    Mapping Columns

    • After selecting file, Store owner should be able to map columns in their spreadsheet with prespecified columns.
    • Mapping should be changable.

    Data Validation

    • Uploaded file data should be validated against schema. For example, if required fileds have missing data or field value is not unique.
    • It will be great if user can export the invalid data.

    Impler Got you covered

    Impler provides a facility to manage all kinds of data import needs. With the widget, you can embed an import facility into your app, which makes it look like Import functionality is built into the product.

    Impler helps your user upload .csv or .xlsx files, mapping columns, and reviewing invalid data.

    Integrating Impler can just take a few steps that you can follow in How to Use it?